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Craft Teacher Training


Art & Craft have been the tools of creation for the mankind from its incipient age stage. ALong with the activities conducted for livelihood, there were activities which would promote the artistic and creative talents in humans making use the locally available materials and creating lightweight articles for utility and decoration purpose, was a trade and family occupation too.

These articles apart from being utility prone were aesthetically pleasant and reflected one’s culture, tradition and religion.

The Course id designed keeping in mind the creativity, sense of responsibility, dedication and other qualities which a person should be able to imbibe to fulfill his duties as handicraft and craft trainer.


This has been designed to help the individual in recognising the household and social need such as food, clothing, shelter,
health, social work and entertainment. To improve the knowledge in respective business field such as quality raw materials, equipments used and their relationship with the production. To make understand producers like production management and grouping process. To develop the qualities such as regularity business oriented approach, group co-operation attitude and craft excelliness, for an individual to make understand his exact place in today’s production world

To give the information regarding drawing, clay work and paper making process. Importance of value education as well as the information about environment and pollution.

The Course


S.S.C. Pass on merit from the maharashtra state Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent.

Value Educational

  • Devotion towards one’s country
  • Equality between men and women
  • Labour installation
  • Scientific view points


  • Cardboard Theory and Environment and Value Education
  • Introduction, Importance and Objectives of Handicraft
  • Cardboard types and its uses
  • Personal hygiene, school and school surrounding cleanliness
  • Village cleaning, planting & bringing up of trees and its necessity.


  • Introduction to the science of enviroment
  • Natural Environment and Man-made environment

Educational Psychology

(For Teacher Under Training)

  • Introduction & Various aspects of Psychology
  • Principle & aims of child development