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Psychometric tests regularly comprise of numerical thinking, verbal thinking and diagrammatic thinking tests. Situational judgment tests are expanding in prevalence and are utilized as an underlying screening strategy for the greatest graduate plan businesses. On the off chance that you are hoping to hone a psychometric test there are a more extensive assortment of professionally created psychometric tests at Practice Aptitude Contracted Occupational Psychologists have been dispatched to build up our psychometric tests to give you excellent planning materials.

Numerical Reasoning tests show a hopefuls capacity to manage numbers rapidly and precisely. These tests contain questions that survey your insight into proportions, rates, cost and deals examination, rates, patterns and cash changes.

Verbal Reasoning tests require you to read short passages of writing and then answer questions assessing their comprehension of the text. Rather than evaluating your vocabulary or fluency, these tests assess your ability to think constructively.

Diagrammatic reasoning questions are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions measure your ability to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those rules to new situation.

Situational Judgment Tests (SJT s) survey how you approach circumstances experienced in the working environment. They test your reasonableness for a specific part. Our test specialists have distinguished 8 key abilities which are basic to stretch out beyond the opposition.