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Graphic Art

Objective of Syllabus / Introduction

On completion of the course should have

  • To gain knowledge of design concepts
  • Acquire knowledge of a graphic design process and procedure
  • Visualize and storyboard creative design
  • Create and organize content in standard instructional form, for e-learning systems.
  • To create designs and brand material for advertising & promotions
  • To be able to design for interactive learning systems for online and electronic media like CDs
  • To design visually appealing websites
  • Employment opportunity graphic designer, web designer, visualizer, content designer
  • Teacher’s qualification degree/diploma in computer science & engg.
  • Training system training system per week

    Theory practical total

    6 hours 18 hours 24 hours

  • Exam. System

Theory & Practical - I

  • Drawing forms & shapes understanding shapes, 3D forms and drawing simple shapes
  • Perspectives & shading drawing all types of perspectives and understanding shading and lighting
  • Design principles & color harmony understanding design principles and color theory
  • Figure drawing, human drawing figure from references and imagination
  • Cartooning to be able to draw cartoon characters and objects by following standard cartoon drawing techniques
  • Visualization understanding visual medium, needs and use of visual content. visualizing a concept

Theory & practical - 2

On completion of the course should have

  • Computer fundamentals understanding and using the computer and operating system
  • Computer graphics understanding how images are formed, image file formats and their properties
  • Word processing using simple word processing and text formatting
  • Digital Illustrations creating Illustrations for visual media with good understanding of colors and formats
  • Digital imaging designing for differnt visual medium and create professional image especially for print advertising media